Hey guys... I’m new to this but I am working on an invention for a cooling system for a 3D printer I need to run a fan for about 5 seconds then shut off all by a push of a button. Actually a small DC 12v blower .24a (75mmx30mm). Is any one interested in a side project helping design this please pm me

  • it’s not ment for temp actuated it need to have a button so that it comes on even the operator requests and runs for 5 or so seconds
  • by the way, isn’t the heater for a 3D printer supposed to be hot? Won’t cooling it outside the normal parameters of the printer system make it print stuff that isn’t securely bonded?
  • Much simpler might be to find a small mechanical thermostat that works at the temperature you want. Hook it up to the power supply for the fan and you’re done!
  • needs a push button but also forgot it needs to run off some type of household battery combination
  • Or use the 556 and then it will cycle at 5 second intervals. A couple of minutes off, then on for 5 seconds.