Is this hardware or software problem?
Give me an idea also help me

  • depends
    does it happen after a fresh install? might be driver issue for graphics card -> check boot parameters
    does it happen all of a sudden? probably your harddisk is full, boot from a stick and delete some files to get enough room to boot properly
    several other issues might cause this, hard to narrow it down from a video
      • no i just shut down my laptop when i open it than it happen! But i enter my bios. After facing this problem i tried to install fresh windows but it shows error?
  • I would switch off, pull the battery and hold the power switch down for twenty to thirty seconds. When you next boot the BIOS should be back to normal.
  • first: check your BIOS battery, and change when the battery is dead.
    second: take out your main battery and use only your laptop power adapter.
    third; try to boot and access the BIOS setup, check configuration and settings, dat, time, boot order,,etc...
    If this not solved your problem, at least you could try.
      • You can try powering it on using the charger only with the battery unplugged. If if you can’t get the screen to show anything at all then it is not a power issue. You could swap CPU or GPU in order to see if it is a processor issue. laptops always overheat the CPU first. If you’re trying to install a new OS, always check the compatibility of the hardware versus the software you’re going to install.
  • , Are you aware of what GPU this laptop has, research the Dell model number on the net. Are you able to access the bios settings, at boot? I never have an issue installing Redcore Linux, it will install by default the correct graphic drivers (Intel, Amd, Nvidia).
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    I always do a quick findout ...
    Boot from a live Linux boot USB-stick.
    When that boot goes well you're sure its a software problem.
    On the other hand, you can also try to get into the BIOS ....
  • Try to boot from a USB Live Distro and run some disk diags. If you hear beeps as it doesn't boot, D/L the user guide and look up their meaning.
    Oh, and get a tripod... ?
  • Run a fan near the vent holes and see if it stays on, if it does, your cpu fan has went out and isnt turning at all. Lowest cost fix is a laptop cooler. Since your not completing POST it could be something wrong with the CPU. Only way it could be software is if its the instruction set in the CPU. Seems like hardware related to me due to not finishing POST so could be in the BIOS. Have you attempted to get into the BIOS? If you cant most likely its hardware related, most likely fan shut down or CPU gone. Hope this helps. Have you attempted to overclock or did an BIOS update or change before this started?
  • My money is on your RAM. Check your memory modules are the same and of the right sort. No mixing type.
  • Before we said a hardware issue
    Follow these steps
    You need to go bios then check the boot manager
    Also check the secure boot is on
    And make sure your boot is UEFI
    If everything is correct with what I type above, go to this steps
    Turn on your device and hit F12 too many times till the boot menu is shown
    Make sure you see your disk with the boot manager like (WD windows boot manager)
    Select your Disk
    If a non boot manager is shown go to these steps
    Use an USB drive with OS to check if your disk or OS is still in the device
    If none of the above works you have the last steps
    you need to check your hard drive/SSD by opening your laptop and make sure it's connected will or remove it and attach it again then turn on your laptop
    Note: before you remove any part of the laptop while you open it make sure you remove the charger and remove the battery connector till you end your plug/unplug the part
  • I don't think that's a hardware problem.
    can you tell me what model is it and what operating system is it running and if you updated it recently?
  • Problem solved..No internal damage. Only software and booting issue. Now Happy and thank you everyone Who helped and shared their knowledge ?
  • Does it boot from a Linux pen drive?
    • Then my first instinct is a fresh install. Just to eliminate the distro you are trying - try another. If you are still getting that error then the guys on here suggesting it's the hardware might be onto something. First things first, try to install mint or ubuntu. Both rock solid.