youtube-dl and yt-dlp no longer download facebook videos. What open source tool do you guys use to download videos on facebook?

  • Depends on the streaming video provider used. Which could also be Vimeo instead of Youtube. The Youtubedl tool is obviously made to download from Youtube. May not work with other videosources
  • Downloadhelper, I used this since a few years. When you feel good by Downloadhelper I suggest you do a donation so we can use it for long time. BTW, I have nothing to do with DH but I am happy I can use it on daily base.
  • on facebook, you have to open them in their own tab/page. I just downloaded one a few minutes ago of my friend playing guitar.
  • I use fdown in the browser... Works very well across devices.
    (I'm not allowed to post the link, it has 'net' after the dot.)
  • [SOLVED] Thanks everyone, I have found a solution. Just change to and yt-dlp can download videos.