What do you think about DAPLINK vs STLink (v3) ? Which one would you prefer? Daplink is new for me. How about speed, compatibility? (using with stm32cubeIDE

  • What MCU are you planning to program?
      • I would stick with STLink, v2 (which is cheap) is good for all F0-F4, v3 I used for WL55 (Lora). As an example Keil (IDE for the development ) does not have an option for daplink.
          • You are right Edwin, I missed it, there is an option CMSIS-DAP in the debug section. I was looking for something like DAPLINK. Sometimes, if the just soldered MCU does not respond, I take ST development board (if debugger is stolen / possessed by coworker, LOL) and use the onboard debugger. In general we try to avoid third party debuggers and try stick to ST.
        • yes it does. Keil belongs to arm and so do CMSIS Dap so yeah you can use it with Keil
  • I like daplink , if you want an on board debugger without having mount an STLink V3 module on your PCB because frankly it looks ugly . It's been ported to a lot of really low-cost MCUs and it will debug any arm based MCUs with swd while st link will just do st devices. As far as speed and stuff goes I'm not sure how large an application you're trying to flash that a few hundred milliseconds or so could make a difference ?. For external debugging doesn't really matter just go for an ST link if you're using ST devices.