Raspberry Pi

Hi , I’m a beginner. I want to made a IR thermo scan but I don’t know how to make it.
My Tool
- raspberry pi 3
-HW 691 GY-906 MLX90614
Sorry,My English isn’t that good**.**??

  • OT: Why don't you connect the display's USB on the Raspberry Pi? That's how I do it on my 3B+ and 4B... Less sockets to plug-in.
      • can you get enough power that way? Just big enough power supply in the rpi?
          • yes, I did it and it works fine. You just need to enable "max_usb_current=1" in config.txt
        • Oh,sometime I use many device then rpi 's not enough energy when I connect the display's USB.
  • I believe that this sensor works with the i2c protocol, as a first step I would suggest trying to connect to it and reading the temp
      • I don't have an example but...
        1. Download Arduino library for your device.
        2. Write a program in C++ on the Pi. Include the WiringPi library and the device Arduino library in your program.
        3. Compile.
        4. Check.
        5. Post result here.