Hey guys, literally every ~20 minutes i have this blue screen error called „UNEXPECTED_KERNEL _MODE_TRAP”.
It all started from “PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA” and source of the problem: nvlddmkm.sys. After updating nvidia drivers that unexpected kernel error started to appear.
Is using the cable powering only (I unplugged the battery inside because its dead and even with the battery the problem appears) might be a problem here? If not, then what can be wrong?
I checked tons of solutions, ran ram tests, disc checks, updating drivers manually, virus checks - everything seems ok.
No idea what to, any help will be highly appreciated ? Thanks in advance ?
Laptop: Dell 7567

  • looks like your nvidia drivers are faulty… downgrade to earlier version… boot into safe mode and uninstall drivers from there… install older version and if it doesn’t bsod again, you
    got your answer
  • Check your drivers for updates. One leading cause for this error is faulty ram. Do a memory test or the old fashioned way. Take out one ram at a time to see if it still generates to find the culprit
  • asking for tech support and not mentioning the computer in question or the operating system is not helpful.
      • Since it seems information you wish to provide is limited, i would start at the dell site for your model and begin to run the diagnostics available there.